Travelogue of a Sedimentary Being

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Voice Post:

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multi-exposure, darkblue
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“Yes, so, uh . . . I haven't made one of these in a while either, huh? Yes, so good times, good times.”

Transcribed by: ikilledkenny
  • Hey Everett!

    I'm going through these boxes of leftover stuff from college and I found a christmas card that I never sent you! Not like you really want it now, but I thought I'd shoot you a comment and see if you ever felt like hanging out sometime between now and Easter (April 8th). Gimme a call:

    home (miami lakes): 305-556-1816
    cell: 760-805-6573
  • Hey n00b! Just thought I'd come over to say hello and to lose the game! :D
  • ZOMG, last day of skewl. Look at the cat macro I found! :D

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